Vestnik OmLA Vol. 14 № 4

This issue of the scientific journal "Vestnik of the Omsk Law Academy" contains materials presented by the participants of the ninth annual international scientific and practical conference "Actual Problems of Administrative Responsibility", held at Omsk Law Academy on May 26, 2017.

Reform of Legislation on Administrative Responsibility
Administrative Responsibility and Its Application
Judicial Practice
Foreign Experience
Tribune af Young Scientists


Avdeiko A. G., Gazizov D. A. The Legislation on Administrative Offenses: Reform or Modernization
Zyryanov S. M. Administrative Offence – Criminal Misdemeanor – Crime. Perspectives and Criteria Three-Tier Delictolisation in Russia
Kirin A. V., Pobezhimova N. I. Modern Interpretations of the Theory of Criminal Misdemeanor in Administrative Law of Russia
Kononov P. I. Some Actual Directions of Modernization of Russian Federation Legislation on Administrative Responsibility
Starostin S. A. Criminal Misdemeanor: an Administrative Look 
Shevchenko Yu. P., Kositsin I. A. Administrative Offense and Crime: What Is the Difference?

Avdeiko A. G., Kononov A. M. Problems of the Realization of Admistrative-Jurisdictional Powers of Local Authorities in the Field of Public Order Protection and Crime Prevention
Grechkina O. V. Administrative Penalty as an Instrument of Restriction of Freedom of Enterprise and Rights of Ownership: a Point of View
Dizer O. A. To the Question of Administrative Responsibility for Vagrancy and Begging
Klimovich E. V. Criteria for the Applicability of Automatic Fixation to Administrative Offenses in the Field of Road Traffic
Kobzar-Frolova M. N. Problems of Theory and Practice of the Imposing of Administrative Punishment in the Form of a Warning for Violation of the Customs Legislation of the Customs Union of the Eurasian Economic Union
Koryts S. I. Interaction of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and State Technical Supervision in the Execution of Administrative Punishment in the Form of the Deprivation of Driver's License
Kuyanova A. V. Actual Problems of Administrative Responsibility for Admission to Driving a Person Who Is Under the Influence of Alcohol or Who Does Not Have the Right to Drive a Vehicle
Maiorov V. I. Problems of Administrative Responsibility in the Sphere of Road Traffic
Polyakova S. V. Administrative Offenses in the Field of Traffic and Responsibility for Them
Stakhov A. I. The Degree of Guilt as the Special Criteria of Individualization of Administrative Responsibility of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs
Tikhaleva E. Yu. Administrative Responsibility of Military Personnel
Tsukanov N. N. Article 6.9 of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses as a Means of Countering Illegal Drug Use
Yuritsin A. E., Lavrov Yu. B. Some Problems of the Implementation of Administrative Responsibility for Violations of the Legislation on Contract System in the Procurement Sphere
Yarkovoi S. V. Legality of Attraction to Administrative Responsibility: Concept, Content and Main Requirements

Taribo E. V. Prohibition of Turning to a Worse Scenario in Judicial Activity: on the Example of Consideration of the Cases on Administrative Offenses

Maile A. D. Administrative-Jurisdictional Activity of Police (Comparative-Legal Analysis) 

Vodyanaya M. Yu. Administrative Penalties for Appearing in Public Places in the State of Alcohol Intoxication
Sumenkov S. S. Guilt of a Legal Entity in an Administrative Offense in the Field of Antimonopoly Legislation
Yunusov V. V. Efficiency of Attraction to Administrative Responsibility for Providing Financial Support to Terrorism 

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