Author Guidelines

1. Guidelines for formatting an article:

  1. The article should be formatted in Word (prior to 2003), printed on А4 paper (210х297 mm). The original must be clean with no page proofs, pages numbered. The article should be no longer than 7 pages. Along with the printed version there must be an appropriate electronic version either on CD or sent by e-mail ( ).
  2. The title of the article is given in English and in Russian centered in the upper part of the sheet, "Times New Roman" font 14 used. In the right-hand corner – data about the author (both in English and in Russian): first name, middle name in full, surname, position, science degree, academic title, place of work. Telephone and e-mail are a must (e-mail will be given in the Russian list of the journals indexed (RISC) for the readers to contact the author).
    Avoid: typing all the mentioned texts by transforming the font via “All capitals”; boldface; locating all the mentioned elements in frames or typographic simulation of the typesetting used in “Vestnik of the Omsk Law Academy” etc. Before the main text the UDc (Universal Decimal classification) is given.
  3. Next goes the abstract and key words to the article both in Russian and in English.
  4. One line below is the main body of the article, "Times New Roman" font 14 used. Line space is 1,5. Regular index. Indention is 1,25. Margins are 2cm on all sides. No hyphenation is used. Avoid: double/multiple space mark; tabulation character; indention made via space marks or tabulation character; soft hyphen; sparse index or condensed type.
  5. List of references shall contain references to the sources of information mentioned in the article. List of references is made up in an alphabetical order and numbered. Each item in the list should include only one source. The references are made according to State Standard 7.1 –2003 “Bibliographic notes. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules of making” with thorough page proofs. References in the text are numbered according to its appearance in the list of references and given in square brackets (e.g. [1]). If the reference is repeated several times its number according to the list of references is given repeatedly (neither the successive number in the list of references nor the phrase “Op.cit.” is used). If referring to different parts of the same source the page number must be given each time in square brackets (e.g. [1, с. 25] or [1, с. 51–60]).
  6. Formulae, pictures, tables. Simple inline and single-line formulae as well as pictures and tables must be typed with no special word processors being used. Pictures, tables etc. are attached to the article (JPEG-formatted).