About the Journal

The modern stage of legal development in the Russian Federation is characterized by constant changes in legislation which demands the operational exchange of domestic and foreign experience. Through accumulation of new knowledge in the sphere of jurisprudence the journal “Vestnik of the Omsk Law Academy” is a kind of a plot where scientists and practitioners can not only tell about the achievements and results of their research work but also acquaint  themselves  with the experience of their colleagues  and exchange the most perspective proposals concerning  legal science and practice. Among our authors there are scientists, workers of law-enforcement system, of state agencies and functionaries interested in the proper ensuring of legal rights and interests of  a person. It makes the journal to be urgent in the international scientific area. The journal elucidates the most problematic and disputable legal branches and it causes the increased  interest of the scientific  world in  the papers published. Thus the aim of  the journal is the formation of the united scientific  world, exchange the results of scientific achievements in the sphere of jurisprudence and law-enforcement practice.

General Information

Scientific reviewed journal “Vestnik of the Omsk Law Academy”

Founder and publisher: Private educational institution of higher education “The Omsk Law Academy”.

Frequency – quarterly.

ISSN 2306-1340 (Print), ISSN 2410-8812 (Online).

“Vestnik of the Omsk Law Academy” has been published since 2004. The title of the journal was changed in 2012. The previous title of the journal was “Vestnik of the Omsk Law Institute”.

Vestnik OmLA Vol. 14 № 4

This issue of the scientific journal "Vestnik of the Omsk Law Academy" contains materials presented by the participants of the ninth annual international scientific and practical conference "Actual Problems of Administrative Responsibility", held at Omsk Law Academy on May 26, 2017.

Reform of Legislation on Administrative Responsibility
Administrative Responsibility and Its Application
Judicial Practice
Foreign Experience
Tribune af Young Scientists